Decide, please decide, decide now

What do you do when faced with a decision?

Do you do everything you can to get it right?  Do you analyse the options, get opinions from trusted advisers, work through all the angles to make the correct choice.  Do you take the time and effort to make sure?  Do you do the right thing?

Here’s another perspective:

We insulate ourselves from failure.  We avoid risk.  We question copiously.  We second guess, seek opinions and add data points.  We turn issues over and over and over.

All of this analysis and debate takes time, lots of time.

If you need 10 signatures on a piece of paper before a decision is made, then chances are it took 10 weeks to make the decision.

Worse still, the analysis doesn’t / can’t tell us the whole picture.  It is based on assumptions and it will be wrong.  How wrong will it be?

The only way to really learn what will happen if you do something is to try it.  Test it out.

Decide yes or no and then try something small.

Or you could just carry on analysing and debating.  It is truly motivational.


Image by liquene


  1. Suzy Jones says:

    Absolutely right, there is a shop keeper in my town. He is always trying out new things, he started out with funky modern furniture, then added some retro pieces and because they sell he added in some retro clothes as well. Always trying new things and seams to be doing OK from it. I think we spend far to much time analysing and not deciding. Best to test and learn

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