Why did Amazon Create the Kindle?

I have wondered why Amazon push the Kindle, after all they are a book seller, not a technology manufacturer.  Then the penny dropped.

Amazon want to be “the most consumer centric organisation in the world“.

Historically if I wanted a book, I had to go to a book store and order it, and (if it wasn’t out of print or pulped) wait weeks for them to get a copy for me.

Now it is likely that Amazon can find a copy that they have themselves, or their network has, but there is still the chance it has been pulped, and I still have to wait 4 days.

If I own a Kindle though, and the book has been “Kindleized” I can have the book now, it will never be out of print.

So it has nothing to do with technology, and everything to do with customer service.  Pretty good, except for the £100 price tag.

Now, if they can fix that…


Image by kodomut

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