Strategic Domain of the Black Belt

I was approached the other day by a recruiter for a job.  He wanted a “Lean Sigma Master Black Belt” to “lead a Strategic Transformation” in the “Service Domain”.

Very interesting I thought, I had a couple of questions:

What is a “Lean Sigma Master Black Belt”?
What is a “Strategic Transformation”?
What is a “Service Domain”?

We worked it out, he wanted somebody with a history of implementing continuous process improvement projects that led to better service in supermarkets.

Now the thing is, if you want to improve stuff, the biggest trick of all is being very clear what you want and how you are going to do it.  So anybody who professes to be a “Lean Sigma Master Black Belt who leads Strategic Transformations in the Service Domain” probably isn’t very good at their job (and definitely up themselves).

I could go on but I have to dash to a meeting to build a mission critical alliance, (go down the shops for my wife).


Image by brad montgomery

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