Good Service?

My wife has a new car, a BMW; the ultimate driving machine apparently.

She took it in for its first service yesterday.  She was met at the door by a smartly dressed gentleman with a “Good morning Mrs Lawther”, presumably he had a list of registration numbers to look out for.  Unfortunately there was a queue at the service desk so he poured her a cup of tea whilst she waited.

After booking her car in my wife wanted to catch the free shuttle bus back into the city to work, unfortunately there had been a bit of a mix up and there wasn’t a place for her on it, quick as a flash a fully paid for taxi materialised that took her straight to her office.

When she went to pick the car up they hadn’t finished the service, apparently a part was missing.  The garage apologised profusely and offered to finish the job tomorrow.  They also offered to give her car an “executive valet” to make amends.

Clearly the garage takes customer service very seriously.

Or do they?


  1. I had exactly the same problem, my car was in the garage. They kept on phoning me to keep my “updated” about how long it would take and where the spare parts were but all I wanted was my car back.

    Funny how people confuse customer service with customer service

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