Pit Stop

The video shows a Formula One pit stop.  It fascinated me for a number of reasons.

1.  It is very clear what needs to be achieved.
2.  Everybody is sure what their role is and well trained.
3.  The people who are there are the people who need to be there.  Nobody else is milling about and getting in the way.

What is really interesting though is that for the first 40 seconds of the video there are over 20 people standing about doing nothing.  The action happens in about 10 seconds flat then the car is gone.

This looks like a real cost saving opportunity, get rid of all those people who are doing nothing.  It wouldn’t happen in formula 1, they are really clear what they are trying to do; win the race.

What about where you work? Are you that clear? Or would you cut costs and get rid of all that expensive manpower?

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