You Don’t Save Yourself Rich

Most people start to look at their processes with the one and only aim of saving money.  Unfortunately this really misses the point, let me give you an example:

When you next watch Holby City you will no doubt see the classic scene of the surgeon asking the nurse for the scalpel (there are usually some smouldering looks going on over the face masks, but that is by the by.)

If you look at this from a cost saving perspective it is really easy to come to the conclusion that you don’t need the nurse, the surgeon should know where his scalpel is, so why bother paying her?  Simple.

In reality if you get rid of the nurse, you end up with a surgeon floundering around looking for his tools, and probably a handful of dead patients.  So the cost saving initiative actually costs you money, both in terms of the (highly paid) surgeon’s time, and of course legal fees.

Instead, if you focus on the whole picture and the service you are trying to deliver it becomes abundantly clear why you need a nurse.  In fact, it might make sense to pay for two.

It would also do wonders for the TV ratings.

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