The Rules of the Workplace

The 20 rules: Prioritise the work Don’t make your customers wait There is always more work than people Study the work Understand how the work works Standardise the work If the work is important write it down Train your staff Make the work easy Build systems Stream line the work Find the bottleneck Clean the […]

Management Beliefs

The way we act is based on our beliefs Sometimes these beliefs are based on strong evidence and sometimes, well, less so. Of course this is as true in management as any other human endeavour. Are our management beliefs based on evidence? Have a look at the slideshare below and tell me what you think? […]

The Great Process Improvement Secret

How to be a Process Guru What is the one simple truth the Process Improvement Gurus know? Just flick through the SlideShare and I will spill the beans…  Full screen is best.   Unfortunately, if you are reading this via e-Mail you will have to visit SlideShare to find out.  In full Technicolor glory. If you enjoyed this […]

The 5 Sins of Management

Deadly diseases In 1982 W. Edwards Deming wrote about the 5 deadly diseases that inflict most organisations: Lack of constancy of purpose Emphasis on short-term profits Evaluation of performance Mobility of management Running a company on visible figures alone Are we still infected? 30 years on have we found a cure?  Have a look at the slide […]