Why Were You Late for Work?

Logic Trees There is a simple way of diagnosing a problem, and then finding a solution.  It is called “the five whys?” No doubt you have heard of it, it is a way of refining a problem until you get to its cause. When faced with a problem ask why it happened. Then ask again. […]

Can You Make the Right Decisions?

Decision-making is hard. So hard that we pay people handsomely to be professional decision makers: Doctors Underwriters Bank Managers Tax Inspectors All of them make their living by taking complex ill-defined situations and making decisions. Unfortunately they don’t always decide the same way If you put two professional decision makers in a room at the […]

How to Use Logic Trees and The Power of Leverage

The long list Whatever you do for a living there are lots of ways you could improve things.  If you were to sit down with a pen and paper for five minutes and start to write a list I have no doubt that it would be a long list, a long, long list. Getting to […]