Why E-mail is Like Oil

Let’s be brutal here: you’re probably buried in e-mail.  And like crude oil, e-mail can be a sticky, annoying substance that’s practically impossible to clean.  We need e-mail to get things done, but it seems like an endless, yucky mess. The funny thing about oil is that while spilling a little bit is a problem […]

Crystal Clear Cole

Cheryl Cole is a master of communication.  She is alleged to have ended her marriage to football player Ashley Cole by text. The text message read “Move out.  It’s over.” I recently found an article about e-mail etiquette. Its top 4 tips were: 1.  Be concise and to the point. 2.  Answer all questions and […]

The Enemy

I am all for e-mail, it is usually short sharp and to the point.  No wasted energy. But sometimes the e-mail bounces back two or three times. Sometimes more and more people get copied in. Sometimes you start to dread opening the response. Sometimes you spend hours crafting a reply. Sometimes it is wise to […]