Team, Purpose, Method

There is a line of thought that there are three key factors at work in your organisation:

These 3 things inter link

  • Without a purpose you don’t need teamwork (watching the TV is not a team sport)
  • If you have a purpose but no method, your efforts will fail (a dream without a plan…)
  • A team without method may be enthusiastic but still unsuccessful (5-year-olds playing swarm ball)

And they work best when they line up

Different teams, different purpose, different method

traffic jam

Different teams, different purpose, one method

dodgem cars

Different teams, one purpose, one method


One team, one purpose, one method


Team, purpose, method.

It isn’t really that insightful a line of thought, blindingly obvious really.

So why are we surprised that when we have:

  • different departments
  • using different systems
  • to different aims

things don’t got as smoothly as they might?

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  1. Great way to illustrate the point, James. Some people just can’t see the forest for the trees.

    Annette :-)

  2. Hi James,
    I find talking to each other on a regular basis usually helps. That’s not an excuse for having another meeting. More let’s talk across departments, let’s not see each other as different, let’s see each other as part of one big team and not a federation of smaller ones.

    Hard in a large organisations made up of lots of little fiefdoms.


    • James Lawther says:

      Absolutely Adrian, and I think any mechanism that helps do that is a great step forward. Maybe a good canteen or take out a couple of lifts so that people bump into each other on the stairs

  3. Hello James,

    A great point conveyed well.


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