Obvious With Hindsight

A rather unhelpful phrase

It implies that you are pointing out the obvious

But sometimes the obvious is really worth pointing out

Sometimes the obvious is only obvious once it has been pointed out

Here is an example for you…

Bread Trend

The graph shows the number of Google searches for the term “bread”

A dip in the summer

Two spikes in November and Christmas

Why would anybody get excited about bread in November?

Halloween? No, that’s October

Bonfire Night?  Guy Fawkes wasn’t known for his bread making ability

November… Bread… English… Google… Americans…


When else would you Google bread?

Obvious really

Unless you are an English boy who doesn’t know one end of a turkey from another

Things are only obvious with hindsight if you use hindsight

And the easiest way to use hindsight is to draw a graph of the things that are important to you

Hindsight, are you using it?


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Image by bcmom


  1. Hello James

    Great point, I came across exactly the same situation on a recent consulting assignment. The data was there and yet the obvious (embedded in the data) only became obvious when pointed out.

    That is also why I say that data is useless – it is only when a human being takes data interprets it and tells a enticing story that gets the attention of the right people that you get action. And action is the only thing that affects performance.


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