The Dilemma

I run lots of process improvement sessions.

After a while you see the same issues raising their ugly head, over and over again.

One of the biggest issues is being too flexible.  We allow customers to change their mind half way through.  We try to please by starting without all the information we need.  We  generally fudge the issue and try to make up lost ground later.  It never works.  It always results in rework, but we love to try.

The solution is to be ruthless, don’t even think of starting until you have all the parts in play.  Say no.  After you have said no a couple of times your customers will get the message.

Now, here is my dilemma.  I have a process for improving processes.

I get a group of people in a room and I get them to figure out what needs to be done.  Then I get somebody senior to walk in and make a decision on the output, there and then.

It is simple and effective.  It cuts down endless debate and indecision.  It is easily the best way to do things.

I am running a session tomorrow.

The decision maker has cried off

We will end up faffing about and not coming to a conclusion.  I have been there before.

Should I capitulate and go with the flow, or, should I cancel the session?

Or should I take my own medicine?
Process Improvement Medicine

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  1. Should you do as you say not as you do?  In the end I think the only judge of what an acceptable outcome is is you.

    Where did you end up?

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