Poo in the Pool

Imagine the scene, you won Euro Millions, you are a multi multi millionaire.

To celebrate you bought a house high above Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills.  It has fabulous views out over the city and a beautiful aqua marine pool.  You have been there a month and are holding a house warming party, all your new friends are there.  The sun is beating down, your favourite music is pumping out on the stereo, beautiful people want to be near you.  You walk up to the pool in your silk robe and let it slip to the floor, you are just about to slip into the deep cool blue water when…

Three small brown lumps bob by.

Quick as a flash the pool attendant pops up, and fishes one of the offending articles out.

Here is the question.  Would you dive into the beautiful water now?


How about if two of the poos are removed, would you dive in now?


What about if all three are removed, so just their memory remains?

Still no?

Interesting how some things can ruin it for everyone, even after they have gone.

It isn’t just poo.  Remember the last time your boss poo pooed an idea you had?  How did you feel?  Did it kill the mood stone dead?  Instead of evaluating and dismissing ideas try building on them.  It is amazing what a difference it makes.

Don’t be a Poo in the Pool.

PS if you are reading this via e-mail, click through and watch the video.  It passes for humour in Holland.

Image by State Records NSW

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  1. Steve Jarman says:

    Typo in Pooh in the Pool – ‘By’ not ‘buy’

  2. Morris Jacobs says:

    Disgusting story but I like the sentiment. I will try harder in my next team meeting.

    Is that how you spell Pooh?

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