Fresh as the Moment when the Pod went Pop

All companies obsess about something, their USP, their IP, the thing that they can do that nobody else can.

I used to work for Birdseye, the frozen pea people. They used to obsess about getting the peas out of the field and frozen within 2 1/2 hours.

They had a panel of pea tasters who would rigorously taste out “delay” flavours.

They fixated on filling times, making sure that all their lorries were loaded in time to drive back from the field to the factory.

They had an army of fieldsmen who supervised the planting of each field so that the peas didn’t all come to maturity at the same time and flood the factory

I used to think it was impressive until I read an article about a company in the US that couldn’t get all the cabbage they wanted locally, so instead of shipping the cabbage across the states with associated losses of quality and yield, they put the factory in the field and processed their cabbage there.

Picked and frozen in 2 1/2 minutes. Imagine what that would have done for Patsy Kensit.

Sometimes you have to think big.

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