Process Standards

The Problem:
How do you make sure that all your agents follow a standard process?

A Commonly Held Solution:
Map all your processes and hold them in a “repository” where everyone can see them.

Some Questions:

  • How do you document everything in the first place?
  • Who should you involve?
  • Where do you draw the line?
  • How do you make sure that the processes are kept up to date?
  • Who is responsible for updating them?
  • Should you automatically withdraw maps that haven’t been updated?
  • What is the best repository?
  • What are the factors to consider?
  • What is the most useful way of presenting the information to agents?
  • How do you make sure the processes are followed once they are written down?
  • Is this a training problem, a QA problem or a QC problem?

The Real Questions:
Is this a good solution to the problem?

Do you have any choice?

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