Investing in Service or Brand?

Vodafone has been named the most valuable British brand in 2010.

It spends millions of pounds each year sponsoring events such as London Fashion Weekend…. differentiating itself from its competitors in a commodity market.

Do customers care?

If you search twitter for “Vodafone” you quickly discover that customers are only worried about two things:

  1. The products that they offer.
  2. The customer service they provide.

(Fashion doesn’t get a look in)

It is difficult for the telecom giants to differentiate themselves by product, Apple will happily sell the iphone to all of them.

The twitter feedback on their customer service also shows a lack of differentiation, tweets range from “poor service” to “sucks” (their words not mine).

Maybe spending some of that marketing pounds on training customer service agents would create the differentiation Vodafone crave.

Branding will get new customers, but poor service will loose them

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