Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

In The Wall Street Journal cyclist Floyd Landis talks about cheating in the Tour de France.

Most remarkable of the litany of allegations is that blood transfusions were performed in buses parked on remote alpine passes, but the list goes on and on.

It is amazing the lengths people will go to to win if the stakes are high.

Of course this sort of behaviour would never happen in the world of commerce and industry, unless you happen to work for Goldman Sachs.


  1. Frazer Grundy says:

    Another interesting article James. It reminds me of a project I once worked on for a large financial institution. It was driven hard by the project sponsor, which is no bad thing. But she drove it VERY hard. Suspiciously hard in fact.

    It got to the point where some real issues were being ignored. The deadline was all-important and she was determined to meet it. When one of her right hand men attempted to point out a certain issue, she threw her pen at him and accused him of not having a ‘can-do attitude’.

    So what happened?

    – We met the deadline and the product was launched amidst a marketing fanfare
    – One week later (literally), the sponsor left for a (very high profile) job with another financial institution
    – The known issues became reality and the customers complained like hell
    – Her right hand man, along with numerous other scapegoats, got fired
    – The new product died a slow death (actually not so slow) and was put out of its misery after less than a year
    – The sponsor apparently made a series of high profile cock ups in her new high profile role, and left there under a cloud. Which I guess is a kind of happy ending (well at least the baddy got her comeuppance)

    Even with the benefit of hindsight, I’m not entirely sure what anyone would have done differently. But you’re right – it is amazing the lengths people will go to to win if the stakes are high, isn’t it?

    • James Lawther says:

      The worst bit Frazer is I have no doubt that she got a golden handshake and a dirty great big pay off.

      Who says crime doesn’t pay?

      Thanks for the comment

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