Star Chamber

George Osborne is to create a “Star Chamber” as part of his attempts to cut government spending.  It will be a committee of senior civil servants and politicians.  Ministers are invited to present their budgets to them for discussion.

If a minister gains the Star Chamber’s approval he can join the committee to “discuss” other minister’s budgets.

The Star Chamber originated in England in the middle ages as a court to enforce laws against prominent people.  The sessions were held in private without a jury or witnesses and those convicted had no right of appeal.  According to Wikipedia the Star Chamber “evolved into a political weapon and became a symbol of misuse and abuse of power“.

Interesting historical precedent Mr Osborne has chosen for his management model.

Star Chamber

Image by TheoJunior


  1. I used to work for Mars and we used the same term

    Interesting to hear the historical precedent. It wasn’t much fun when we went though them.

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