Getting Away with Murder

A Chinese man, Zhao Zuohai, who was sentenced to death and spent 11 years behind bars for murder has been acquitted and given £65,000 compensation.

In 1999 a neighbour he had fought with disappeared and a headless body was found.  Police assumed that the body was the neighbour’s and, under pressure to find the murderer, beat a confession out of Zhao.

The man he was accused of murdering turned up alive and well earlier this year.

This story is all the more shocking because almost exactly the same thing happened in China 5 years earlier.

The story highlights 3 interesting lessons.

1. Be very explicit in your assumptions.
2. Be very careful with your incentives.
3. Learn from your mistakes.

Obvious really, it couldn’t happen where you work; could it?

Chinese Police

Image by faungg

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