Max your Meal

Many if not most business processes have two parts to them.

First make a decision:
– Should I hire this person?
– Is this an acceptable payment?
– Can I give this employee access to the system?

Second carry out the actions:
– Send an offer letter.
– Reject the payment.
– Provide a password.

We tend to be good at the second part, that is straight forward.  It is the constant back and forth making a decision that is the problem, the information required is never there and there is always some sort of change to requirements.  It takes forever.

You wouldn’t start to make cheese burger without any cheese or change your mind and decide you want a chicken one half way through.  So why do we start to make a decision without all the information or allow customers to change their minds once we have started?

Write out a list of the information you need and share it with your customers.  Don’t even think about starting anything until you have it all, but once you have deliver like an express train.  If your customers change their mind half way through go back to square one and start again.

That way your customers will be clear about what they want and you will be able to give them it instantly.

Do you want fries with that?