Would You Work For Toyota?

Toyota has recalled several million vehicles over the past month and halted production and sales of 8 models.  The media is in a frenzy, lambasting the company that was widely regarded as a quality leader, we love to see giants fall.

I wonder how it feels to work for Toyota at the moment.  Are employees disillusioned and fed up by this disaster and the knock to Toyota’s reputation?

We will never know what went on in Toyota’s corridors of power, but here is another line of thought:

Toyota is simply doing what it has always done, making reliable cars.  It takes real conviction in your beliefs to spend so much money halting production and recalling so many cars.  Perhaps if I worked for Toyota I would be proud of the way they are behaving.

I wonder how Ford or Fiat would have dealt with the issue.  How would your organisation behave?

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