Are You Worth £150k?

A very interesting article today about how the government plans to cap the salaries of top earners.  The BBC was called out as a particular problem.  Apparently everybody with a salary of more than £150,000 who works in the Public Sector will have to explain to the government why they are worth so much.  In addition to this all new appointments will have to be approved by the chief secretary to the treasury (who I guess earns more than £150k, at least I hope he or she does, it sounds like a big job to me)

I presume the aim here is to cut costs, though I suspect it will end up providing work for an army of consultants and legal advisors who will work through each claim so the overall cost will go up not down.

Surely the government would be better off letting their managers deliver a service to a budget, rather than tinkering at the edges.  If the BBC costs too much cut their budget and tell them to get on with it, perhaps that way the senior managers will get to earn their £150k.

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