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The Squawk Point is all about service operations and our ability to make things far more complicated than they really need to be.

Running an operation should be as easy as finding out what your customers want, then giving it to them. Nothing more or less.

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Operations Analysis

Issues, Incidents and Risk Events

Boring meetings Issues, incidents, risk events, screw ups, call them what you will, we all have them.  Somewhere in your organisation somebody is logging them, categorising them and recording them.  That somebody also has a target to reduce them. And every month they hold a meeting to discuss how they are doing. And — be honest — […]

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Process Improvement

The Handoff

I am not a Luddite Technology is a good thing.  As it evolves we find new solutions to problems: We invent new applications We write new algorithms We build new tools We develop new drugs Technology pushes us forward. Technology needs specialist knowledge All that new technology is difficult to get your mind around. People need […]

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Employee Engagement

The Antimatter Principle

A metaphor Antimatter is by far the most valuable substance, by weight, known to Man (around $25 billion per gram). It’s incredibly rare, amazingly expensive and difficult to produce, and yet is by far the most powerful energy source we presently know of. It’s also the very epitome of alienness. Seems like a good metaphor […]

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