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The Squawk Point is all about service operations and our ability to make things far more complicated than they really need to be.

Running an operation should be as easy as finding out what your customers want, then giving it to them. Nothing more or less.

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Operations Analysis

what gets measured gets done

What Gets Measured Gets Done

You show me how I will be measured… … And I will show you how I will behave We all know it’s true. There is scientific evidence to prove it. If you set someone a goal they will try to hit it. It is so effective that measurement and target setting have become the number 1 […]

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Process Improvement

RAG Status

Red is Good Green is Bad

The RAG status We love RAG statuses, Red, Amber, Green: My project is on track We are meeting all our SLA’s We have some minor resourcing issues Our cost performance is upper quartile We manage our businesses with green happy faces.  It gives executives a sense of control. And if performance is red? What happens […]

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Employee Engagement

Motivational Speeches

Glory Lasts Forever

I watched a truly dreadful film last night I watched “The Replacements”.  I can’t urge you strongly enough to avoid it.  The plot went something like this (and I am not spoiling it, the director did that). Shane Falco (Keanu Reeves) flunks it as an Ohio State University quarterback. A national team “The Washington Sentinels” go on […]

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