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The Squawk Point is all about service operations and our ability to make things far more complicated than they really need to be.

Running an operation should be as easy as finding out what your customers want, then giving it to them. Nothing more or less.

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Operations Analysis

Are You Making Waves?

All operations have the same problem… They all have times when they are busy and times when they are slack.  Feast or Famine. It is the way of the world: If you sell Christmas crackers it will always be busy in October If you run a gym you will always have a rush in January […]

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Process Improvement

Where Do You Keep Your Ketchup?

Diversity It is a little known fact that people in the U.K. tend to keep their ketchup in the cupboard.  People in the States tend to keep it in the fridge. I know what you are thinking – “not me” (it is a generalisation) and more importantly “so what?” Problem solving The “so what” comes […]

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Employee Engagement

Half Full or Half Empty

Which are you? I was talking to a rugby player yesterday. I don’t like sporting analogies much; just because you can run 100 meters faster than anybody else doesn’t make you a great manager.  But he told me a fascinating story about coaching… An odd approach His best coach had a strange post match strategy. When […]

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