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The Squawk Point is all about service operations and our ability to make things far more complicated than they really need to be.

Running an operation should be as easy as finding out what your customers want, then giving it to them. Nothing more or less.

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Operations Analysis

Should You Benchmark?

Benchmarking and best practice I spent 8 hours today learning all about benchmarking. It was fascinating… Here are some of the highlights: You should benchmark against procedures that are accepted as being the most effective. Benchmarking provides a means to compare your firm against other businesses, and identify areas where you can improve your performance The […]

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Process Improvement

Does All That “Structure” Help?

Organisations are complicated They have: Customer requirements Partner requirements Legal requirements Compliance requirements Legacy systems Specialist teams Obsolete databases Competitive pressure Profitability problems And all those competing priorities are in conflict with each other. How do we manage complexity? By creating process and structure: RACI frameworks Target Operating Models Interim targets Delegated authority levels KPIs Heads […]

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Employee Engagement

Why Do You Have a Boss?

Pre History In the primordial swamp, single cell organisms developed.  They formed symbiotic relationships.  These relationships needed controlling.  So the organisms developed hormones, nervous systems and brains to help them function. The bacteria came before the lion. Ancient History On the fertile plains, people grouped together.  They built villages and towns.  As the towns grew they […]

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