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Bonus Time

It is the best part of the year. You have been performance managed and appraised.  Your year-end rating has been cross calibrated / validated / ranked and stacked.  You have emerged from the annual death match unscathed. Your rating has been moderated to allow for business results.  Senior managers have assessed “the curve” to check it […]


In his book To Sell is Human Dan Pink puts forward a simple idea.  Whatever your walk of life you sell things: My wife sells doing the dishes to me I am selling ideas to you You sell projects to sponsors Every day we try to coax, cajole and convince people to do something for us. […]

Estimates and Anchors

Sometimes you will be asked a question and you won’t know the answer… How many customers will call? How many products will you sell? How much will the project cost? Sometimes you have to start with an estimate. How do we estimate? Let me explain with a question: how many people live in my home […]

Do You Really Need Big Data?

You think you need big data You need to understanding all those interactions and connections You need databases and decisioning tools and analysts and consultants You need to know what all those patterns are telling you You need the competitive advantage After all, knowledge is power, it is obvious, isn’t it? Maybe you could start […]

Six Musts if You Use Voice Response…

It is a bit of a touchy subject Should you use a: Voice Response Unit VRU, Interactive Voice Response IVR, one of those damn electronic things (call it what you will) to answer your customer’s calls? The naysayers will have you believe they damage “moments of truth” and ruin the “customer experience”. The fans will tell you they are hugely […]

The Basics

If you run a corner store: You must open from 7 ’till 11 You should stock milk, bread, toothpaste… And you know to you will work Sundays If you run a fast food restaurant: The food must be filling The food should be tasty (enough) And you know to keep the toilets clean If you […]

Counting Mushy Peas

In the movie East is East there is a great line Crude… But great… And what d’you think I do in there morning till night? Counting mushy fuckin’ peas? Can you think of anything more futile than counting mushy peas? In his book The Tiger That Isn’t (which is also great) Andrew Dilnot picks up on the idea. […]

Are You Above Average?

We love averages They let us know how we are doing, we run our businesses on averages, we judge ourselves against averages, average headlines even sell newspapers: £2m: average pay award for JP Morgan’s top staff 2013 Weather Summary: Sunnier than average Average woman will kiss 15 men and be heartbroken twice before … (Which link […]

If Somebody Made a Mistake that Nearly Killed You…

In 1989 an air show was held at Brown Field in San Diego. The test pilot Bob Hoover was taking thrill seekers for flights in his Shrike Commander, a small, piston powered, passenger plane.  The passengers were known as “Hoover’s Heavers” — more often than not they were sick during the flight. On this occasion the […]