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Simple is the New Clever

Management is about clarity But clarity is a rare gift… Most of us like to be more strategic in our communication… We love to look serious and feel clever… Nobody likes to sound simple We must penetrate the customer base vertically and horizontally If we reallocate our assets we can achieve synergy and benefit from […]

4 Ways to Change Behaviour

There are 4 ways to change people’s behaviour: The first is the stick: Beat people until they do what you want. The stick works, but people hate being controlled, they will rebel — sooner or later.  Repression is not a great strategy. The second is the carrot: Provide an incentive.  Incentives work beautifully, until you remove […]

Are You Missing out on the next Big Thing?

Consultants always have a tool kit, a fancy method and a book that you can use to improve performance. There is always something new: Systems Thinking Total Quality Management Theory of Constraints Lean Thinking That is just for the process improvement guys, let us not forget that Numbers and acronyms always sell books You really […]

The SMART Goal Myth

I have been on a leadership course. I’ve learnt that if I want to improve my team’s performance I must set them all SMART goals.  A goal that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound — I bet you’ve been on the same course. A good SMART goal is something like: “increase sales rates from 15% to 22% by […]

The I-Bomb

Bang… There’s been an explosion.  Not a Car Bomb or a Molotov Cocktail, nothing that crude, it was much more sophisticated, it was an Infrastructure Bomb, it… Shredded your systems Destroyed your data Pulverised your processes Macerated your MI Splattered your specifications Brutalised your business rules The whole lot is gone… wiped… deleted.  The waste […]

Five Useful Questions

This is a guest post. One of the marks of great leaders is that they ask great questions.  How did they learn those great questions and where could you learn some to ask? Five great questions Mike Rother at University of Michigan has pulled together a set of five very useful questions that prove remarkably […]

Getting it Right When it all Goes Wrong

Sometimes it all goes wrong, there is a calamity, a disaster or a screw up. Shit happens. There is only one sensible response when it all goes a bit Pete Tong; understand why and then do something to stop it happening again — it works even better when done quickly. This is not a revelation. My father […]

World Class Rhetoric

The other day I was sent a report.   It went a little like this… (The names have been changed to protect the guilty)   World Class Performance It has been implied that our performance could be improved.  All available data suggests that this cannot be the case Market Context We have the highest satisfaction […]