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The Demons of Management

Why is operational improvement so difficult?  Maybe it is because we are our own worst enemies.  Here are a handful of our own organisational demons. Dogmatism ~ an unquestioning belief in our own “rightness” Instead of questioning our own beliefs we plough on regardless.  The more senior we are the more dogmatic we become, after […]

A Team Needs a Purpose

A team needs a purpose, a raison d’être, an objective. Without a purpose it isn’t really a team, just a bunch of people. If you agree, then it seems reasonable that the clearer that purpose, the stronger the teamwork. Is it clear what the purpose of your team is? Is it memorable? Can you write it […]

Team, Purpose, Method

There is a line of thought that there are three key factors at work in your organisation: Your team, the people and the relationships you have with them Your purpose, the reason your organisation exists Your method, the processes, systems and know how you use to get things done These 3 things inter link Without a […]

The Management Spork

I grew up in the 80’s. One of the breakthroughs of the decade was the Spork. It was half spoon, half fork and if you bought the deluxe version, it had a serrated edge making it half knife as well (don’t think about that too hard). The Spork was billed as the end to all […]

Form Follows Function

This is not new news Fire engines look the way they do so they can put out fires The London Underground looks the way it does so it can transport people Crocodiles look the way they do… (maybe now I am labouring the point) If you know your function then your form will follow. So far […]

Bonsai Management

I have started growing bonsai trees.  It is immensely satisfying and the results are beautiful.  It is not too difficult, this is how you do it… Pick a plant species that responds well Carefully trim back its roots and branches Choose a small container to constrain growth Plant in well-drained soil Feed and water regularly […]

How to be a Creative Genius

Have you ever sat in a brainstorming session where the facilitator pins up a blank sheet of paper and asks people to shout out their “new” ideas? Everybody freezes as they start to worry: Do they have a new idea? Who has thought of it before? Is it a good idea? What will the boss think? […]

Are You Too Clever for Your Own Good?

I travel a lot with work. It is not glamorous.  I’d love tell you that when I said I was in K.L. I meant Kuala Lumpur, but unfortunately it is far more likely to be Kings Lynn (for those of you who are not from the UK, Kings Lynn is sometimes, albeit unkindly, referred to […]

Mistakes on Death Row

Yesterday I read about a man who had been falsely convicted of murder.  Damon Thibodeaux walked free after spending 15 years on death row in Louisiana State Penitentiary. Now he is going to spend his time “concentrating on putting my life back together and moving forward”.  Can you imagine? Damon is the 18th person to be released from […]