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How to Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes

We have all been told to “walk in our customer’s shoes”. When we walk in our customer’s shoes we can understand what our customers want: What their problems are What pressures they feel What is going on in their minds And if we can really understand our customers we can: Communicate better with them Give […]

The Simple Reason People Won’t do as You Ask

Some people just won’t follow commands. They won’t follow directives; they hate being told to what to do. This is a problem, particularly if you want them to behave differently, if you want that all elusive “cultural change”. Some cultural changes are harder than others Imagine the challenges facing Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the man who […]

Facebook: It is so Rewarding

We work in large organisations that ban access to social media. We have long-winded IT policies that forbid our employees from tweeting, liking, stumbling or commenting. After all we are paying these people to work, not to surf the internet catching up with their friends. But is our logic sound?  Should we isolate our employees […]

The Simple Restructuring Rule

There are two big predators in the sea Sharks and Dolphins They came from very different starting points: A shark is a fish A dolphin is a mammal A shark has gills A dolphin has lungs A shark is cold-blooded A dolphin is warm-blooded A shark lays eggs A dolphin has live young Biologically they […]

What do You Give to a Man in a Desert?

That is a very simple question, I’ll bet a simple, obvious answer has popped into your head. My answer was a bottle of water, how about yours? What was your answer? Does he need… A camel? A map? A tent? An oasis? A fire? Some food? An oil rig? A phone? Some sun-cream? A dune […]

Eating at McDonald’s Gives you Acne

That is a libelous statement, but it is fairly obviously true, I was in McDonald’s with my children only last weekend and it was jam-packed full of spotty teenagers. It is a slam-dunk case of cause and effect.  All those burgers will make you spotty. Really?  What else could be going on? If you are a […]

The Most Powerful Management Tool in the World (Probably)

If you want your staff to do something, don’t just command them to do it, put in place a structure, something that helps them to do what you want.  Make life easy for them: If you want short meetings, buy stand up meeting tables If you want conversation, lay on a great canteen If you […]

How are you Organised?

When you ask for an organisation chart I bet you expect to see something like this: If I gave you an organisation chart that looked a little more like this: What would that tell you about the organisation? Would you like to be an employee? Would you like to be a customer? What does your […]

The Simple and Ineffective way to Improve Performance

There is a line of thought that there are three types of target: 1.  Fact of life targets If you don’t meet these targets you simply don’t qualify: To be a world-class 100 meter sprinter you have to run sub 10 seconds If you want to stay in business you have to sell enough to […]