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The Way of the (Process) Ninja

A terrible headline, I apologise, but now I have your full attention… 1.  Find inner clarity All processes do things, they have a purpose, a raison d’être.  That might be to mend broken arms or to let people know how much tax they owe. But people are rarely clear what that purpose is: Are they […]

Is Your Boss Really That Stupid?

For the past 40 years my mother has been on a diet. She has a weekly ritual. Every Thursday morning she gets up, visits the bathroom and then, before she has had her customary cup of tea, she weighs herself. Why does she do this? Because she knows full well that she is at her […]

The Dark Secrets of Benchmarking

This is a guest post Everyone loves a bench-marking exercise, right? It helps you understand your place in the world – where you excel, right? It shows you the gold standard, best practice, the benchmark you aspire to, right? Wrong. Bench-marking is honest and pure, so, what brings me to such a bold outburst?  Well, there are a […]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Numbers

The news is full of numbers; startling headlines containing big scary numbers. Two Billion Dementia Patients Sudden Cardiac Deaths Rise by 10% in Young Americans Police Privatisation: ‘£5 Million Could Be Wasted’ Are those numbers really big?  Politicians love to create a stir and news paper owners pay journalists to shock.  Those big numbers they […]

Are You Cruel to Your Children?

I tore into my 10 year-old-daughter yesterday. It wasn’t a half-baked telling off. It was a full on balling out. I was so angry, I must have screamed at her for 10 minutes. The poor little mite was in floods of tears by the time I finished.  She sobbed for half an hour. Why was I […]

Are Your Team High Performers or Losers?

What do you think of the team you manage?  Are they the crème de la crème or a shower of … Is that a rather harsh question?  Perhaps, but the answer may well have a lot more to do with you than with them. Why do some people do better than others? In 1968 Rosenthal and […]

Money, Motivation and Monkeys

We have all heard that “money doesn’t motivate”.  I’m not sure I totally agree.  If you can’t afford your weekly food bill then I suspect that making money comes high on your list, but I guess we pass that point fairly quickly. What I do believe is true though is that money can de-motivate. As Professor Noriaki Kano […]

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

This is a guest post by Antonio Ferraro Everybody wants quick wins and big results Most people want to make quick and easy changes that yield big results. Who doesn’t want something quicker, easier, and cheaper? We are no longer satisfied with mediocre results. Not that long ago we were content with dial-up internet. Dial-up […]