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Should you Standardise?

There is a line of thought that says standardise your processes. Get everybody to follow the same process The one designed to give you the best outcome Minimise variation After all without standardisation you just have anarchy. But every customer is different There is another line of though that every customer is different: Every customer […]

So You Want to be World-Class?

Lots of organisations claim to excel.  They are: World class at “this” Have centres of excellence in “that” Apply best practice in “the other” I wouldn’t mind betting that yours claims it is the best in the world at something. Are they really all that good or is it simply corporate conceit? What does it take to become […]

What do Your Customers Think?

Here is a lovely little video.  You should watch it.  All 4 minutes and 18 seconds.   He gets to the point doesn’t he? And what is his point? I doesn’t matter how clever you are: You can have the best ideas Invest millions in research and development Plaster the world with advertising If your […]

Go On, Trust Me

Successful organisations revolve around trust.  The more you trust your colleagues the less you worry about them: You spend less effort checking up You spend less time looking for alternatives You spend less money on lawyers and contracts As trust rises, business becomes faster, smoother and cheaper.  Frictional costs disappear.  As Steven Covey would say, […]

Your Memories are Being Frozen

Facebook is freezing me out; they are putting me (and probably you) on ice. You see Facebook has a problem, too many faces.  Facebook users upload 300 million new photographs every day.  Facebook is home for billions of images. All those images need storing somewhere so Facebook runs thousands of servers and those servers need a […]

Do Slogans Work for You?

Slogans are big business.  You can buy all sorts of motivational and inspirational posters on-line. A quick trawl of the internet will net you: Cute slogans: Important slogans: Retro slogans: Innovative slogans: Slogans on stickers: Even slogans on door mats: You can buy more slogans than you can shake a stick at.  A simple easy […]

Are You Doing What’s Important?

All organisations are full of work, stuff that needs to get done. That work is divided into two nice neat categories: 1. Customer work Work done for customers (for the sake of argument people who pay). That type of work includes: Capturing order details X-raying broken arms Cleaning hotel rooms Sometimes we call it front line work. […]

Do You Design Against Demand?

Here is a very simple 2 step improvement idea for you: Understand the customer demands that are placed on your organisation Design your infrastructure and processes to meet those demands. Or, to put it a little less managerially, find out why your customers call you, then work out the best way to give them what […]

Make the Message Clear!

We are getting grief at work, we aren’t dispatching van drivers quickly enough. (The first bit of that statement is true, we are always getting grief at work, the second bit is made up to protect the innocent, but you will get the point). My boss is jumping up and down about our dispatch rate […]