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The World’s Worst Christmas Present

Every year I visit the charity shop and off load all the misguided Christmas presents I’ve been given. I don’t wish to seem ungrateful, but the socks my Aunt sent me with individually knitted toes are at best uncomfortable and at worst a crime against style (possibly even humanity).  They have to go.  And as […]

How do you Motivate an Elf?

Things are getting a bit tight. It is the 22nd of December and Father Christmas and his bunch of elves are not on top of the situation. They are not even close. They have the backlog to end all backlogs: Wishes have not been processed Presents have not been made Wrapping is at a stand […]

What can a Cherokee Indian Teach you About Management?

The Cherokee Indians of North America have long believed that success relies on three things: Purpose: clarity over the task you want to complete and the tenacity to stick with it. Ability: the skills and methods to allow you to complete that task. Integrity: a task that lines up with your own beliefs and values, […]

How Come Your Projects Are Always Late?

Mrs Lawther wants an extension to the kitchen, she also wants us to break into the loft and build (or, as she says, create) another bedroom.  Her friend is an architect, she tells us that all the natural light will be uplifting.  My heart on the other hand, is sinking. Think of the noise and […]

How to Become a World Class Cheat

I have had it with working in a call centre I am under-valued, over-worked and my boss is an idiot (I do hope he isn’t reading this).  I need to make some fast, easy money instead.  I am going to turn to a life of crime, to become a liar, cheat and first class swindler. […]

92 People Die for Lack of Trust

In 1974 TWA flight 514 was flying into Washington Dulles airport.  As it came into land the air traffic controller said “cleared for approach”.  The flight crew thought it meant one thing (we will guide you in) but the control tower meant something ever so slightly different (guide yourself in).  It was simple miscommunication. Flight […]

Should you go to Work in Your Slippers?

How would it be if you could come and go at work just as you pleased?  If nobody checked your hours, if you didn’t have to attend meetings and if the only stick you were measured by was the results you achieved? If you believe the articles the American retailer Best Buy has created that […]

Does the Small Stuff Matter?

How you set your stall out matters.  Even the small things make a huge difference to what your customers think and the way they act.  The design critic Donald Norman made the point beautifully in his book The Design of Everyday Things discussing domestic cookers… Are the controls and gas rings arranged like this:   […]