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Where Will the Work Around Take You?

This is a guest post by Mark Davis I hate to admit it, but my plumbing is starting to fail. No, not my personal plumbing – that would be another issue entirely, and one I’d be more likely to share with my physician than with an international audience. The topic here is the plumbing in […]

Guest Posts

Would you like me to write a guest post for your blog? If you would, let me know what you would like by filling in the contact form (click here) and I will see what I can do. Read another opinion Image by 4nitsirk

The Problem With Technology

I’m on holiday.  Two weeks in southwest France.  Glorious autumnal weather, misty mornings, bright sunny days and trees with leaves of every shade from burnt copper to liquid gold (very poetic if a little formulaic, sorry). Of course to get here involved a little trauma; no pain no gain.  I had to leave home at […]

How I Lost my Job

A while back I worked in a call centre. It was a big call centre, thousands of people worked there, talking to customers. But not any more… First we mitigated the work, we removed all the rework and mistakes and backlogs, we got rid of all the things that went wrong Second we automated the […]

Can You Really Cut The Red Tape?

The motorway from Nottingham to London is the most tedious and dreary road in the world. There is nothing to look at except 1960’s concrete bridges and road signs.  Perfect for a grey October day.  Its only saving grace is that it is flat, straight and fast.  So you don’t really have to spend much […]

Beware the Quick Fix

A Definition: Short-termism: An excessive focus on short-term results at the expense of long-term interests. ~ The Financial Times A Quote: Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends. ~ Walt Disney A Proverb: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. […]

Is Self Belief Self Fulfilling?

Psychological Claptrap They say self belief is a powerful  thing, it can drive you forward or hold you back, it is the proverbial double-edged sword.  What you believe to be true easily becomes so. Are they making rational statements or is it just a load of old hocus pocus? Let me tell you a story… […]

Do You Have the Best Job in the World?

Question 1: What was the best job you ever had? Think about that question for a while; write down the answer, what was so special about that job?  Be very clear. Now I will lay you a bet… I bet you that when you were doing that job it was a perfect fit for you: […]

Are You Faking It?

Authenticity Where do you work? In a call centre? Or a call centre? Who do you serve? Customers? Or customers? Who do you work with? Are you part of a team? Or a team? Are you authentic? Are you faking it? Or are you the real deal? Because if you’re not, you aren’t fooling anybody […]