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The Problem With Suggestion Schemes…

I decided we required more “family engagement” at home.  We could also have done with some innovation, and my daughters certainly needed a productivity boost so I set up a suggestion scheme.  If you would like to try this I have detailed the implementation activity below: DIY suggestion scheme: Designed suggestion form (name, idea, cost […]

The Best Way to Spend Friday Afternoon

What is important to you at work?  What is the thing that you are really bothered about, the thing that needs fixing?  What is the one issue that you could work on that would really make things better? What is your big idea? If your boss gave you Friday afternoon to do whatever you wanted […]

How to Have an Easy Life: 3 Lessons from a Fireman

I am not fond of working, I want an easy life.  I’d far rather lie on a beach than be sitting in an office. My mate Dave has an easy life.  He is a fireman.  They have an easy life, all they do is sit about, waiting for a phone call, reading the paper and […]

How to Avoid Looking Stupid

We have all done it, jumped to the wrong conclusion, acted on it and then looked stupid. We are genetically designed to do it. There is even an explanation for it.  It is called the “ladder of inference”. Here is how you climb it: The ladder of inference Step 1: Take in the facts, the […]

Boring but Deadly: Roles and Responsibilities

I am a good boss I run a fair-sized team.  I like to think I am a good boss, reasonable, fair, open-minded.  Perhaps I am kidding myself. There is however one thing I do that drives my team nuts, makes them apoplectic, I have an infuriating habit of asking two people to do the same […]

Making Life Difficult

In 2010 the H.B.R. published the article Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers. The big idea was that focusing on reducing “customer effort” is a far better way to improve customer loyalty than worrying about customer satisfaction “C.S.A.T.” or net promoter score “N.P.S.”. Now this was heresy and it provoked a mass of intellectual debate […]

How to Count

Apologies Before I start, I apologise for this post: For those of you of a six sigma nature I apologise, you might find this a bit Janet and John. For those of you of a non six sigma nature, I apologise for your six sigma brethren.  They really ought to have told you this, it is quite important. In God we […]

“Are We There Yet?”… 5 Leadership Lessons From Your GPS

This is a guest post by Ofra Tessler. I have travelled a fair bit with my family these summer months and have used a few different E-maps, GPS’s, location trackers and gadgets. The traditional GPS with turn-by-turn directions is my least favorite.  I went from using it extensively to ditching it completely – in favor […]

T.C. Analysis

The Big Sell Possibly the most important process improvement tool of our age, T.C. Analysis allows you to: Capture process defects in the moment Identify critical improvement opportunities Perform simultaneous analyses of cause and effect Observe worker / manager interactions Capture customer feedback Undertake instantaneous trials Rapidly develop alternatives to test mechanisms that are sub-optimal Develop […]