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Why Giving Away Your Profits Makes Financial Sense

Here is an action packed game for you to play at home; it is called the ultimatum game, the rules are very simple: Two people are given £1,000 to split between them.  One of the players proposes how the money should be split and makes an offer.  The other player gets to accept or reject […]

What is the One Thing Your Staff Won’t Tell You?

Imagine that you saw a newspaper advert.  It said that the psychology department at your local university was running a “memory study” and that it wanted paid volunteers for an hour-long experiment You were having a slack morning so you decided to give it a go At the laboratory you met two men; one, the […]

Why do Mission Statements Matter?

Yesterday I was writing mission statements.  It wasn’t easy.  We ended up with something that was designed by a committee, stuffed full of adverbs and instantly forgettable.  Very frustrating A good mission statement makes a difference, it tells people what you stand for, what your purpose is.  It is something to engage with.  Read these, […]

Do You Suffer From Too Much Information?

I have a new car to drive It is fantastic, it is the best type of car in the world, it is my wife’s company car Everybody should have one of these, I don’t need to buy petrol, check the oil, top it up with water. I don’t even have to buy insurance. (Which is […]

How to Change Behaviour or Why Fish Don’t Ride Bicycles

It is a big challenge, maybe the big challenge.  How do you sustain change?  How do you get people to do something different, to change their behaviour? Here is a model to frame the problem… There are 5 stages people have to pass through before they will change their behaviour for good: Awareness Want Know […]

The Right Way to Present Information

I have a pet hate, in fact it is more than that, it is guaranteed to wind me up, start me stuttering, twitching and dribbling from the corner of my mouth.  My pet hate is people dressing up piles of numbers as “analytics” and leaving me blinking at a slide, blankly wondering “what exactly is your point?” There is […]

Do You Hold Morning Briefings Like a TV Star?

If you are of a certain age you will have Hill Street Blues burned into your memory.  One of the biggest TV shows of the 80’s.  It was horribly schmaltzy.  Admit it, you watched it Now you might be wondering, what that has this got to do with running a service operation? At the start […]

The Easy Way to Manage Complexity

There are two lines of thought in most businesses; one says: “give the customers what they want, innovate, create new products, give them choice” The other says: “rationalise, focus, strip it back, cut the tail, decomplexify” (not strictly the Queen’s English that one) The irresistible force and the immovable object.  On one hand flexibility drives […]

The Worst Thing That Can Happen in a Call Centre

How bad can a day in a service centre get? Let’s be honest, nobody is going to die, not unless they are spectacularly unlucky and trip over a trailing cable What does a bad day look like? A bad day looks like this: Your colleagues in Marketing or IT or Pricing do something stupid to […]