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How to Use Logic Trees and The Power of Leverage

The long list Whatever you do for a living there are lots of ways you could improve things.  If you were to sit down with a pen and paper for five minutes and start to write a list I have no doubt that it would be a long list, a long, long list. Getting to […]

Are you Addicted to Free Money?

There is lots of “free money” out there.  Companies are making millions.  Let me give you some examples: A bank whose customers send them payments but don’t include their account details, the bank has no idea where to credit the cash.  They sit on it for a while, waiting for the customer to claim it, […]

Time Please

You have to make a big presentation, to a very senior audience, it is one of those make or break points in your career.  Here is the question?  How much time do you need? These are very busy people, and, lets be honest, you probably want to be presenting to them far more than they want […]

What can Apple, Google and Amazon Teach You About Simplicity?

There is a very big difference between simple and simplistic Google have a single box on their home screen.  Type something in it and you can access the world. Simple to use, but far from simplistic The iPhone has one button on the bottom and a screen that you navigate by touch.  Simple to use, […]

Q&A with Fred and Jack

Fred “the Shred” Goodwin of Royal Bank of Scotland fame held regular management Q&A sessions.  Before the meetings RBS managers had their questions vetted so that nobody asked anything foolish.  Allegedly, even after that, Fred would point out that it was “a stupid question” then tear the questioner apart “Neutron” Jack Welch of General Electric […]

Should You Guarantee Your Service?

Do you just talk about delivering good service, or do you guarantee it? The Maryland National Bank offers a Service Guarantee: “If you ever find an account error, we’ll make it right, right away … refund any fees incurred, and send letters of apology to anyone inconvenienced …. And even pay you $10” In the […]

How to Build a Better Mouse Trap

Imagine the situation.  You run a pizza store and you are losing money.  Your raw material costs are far more than they should be.  You jump to the most obvious conclusion: Somebody must be stealing the cheese.  (Either that or you have king sized mice wondering about). After spending a lot of money on an […]

Circles of Influence: Do You Want Your Team Flexing Their’s?

Three very important circles: The smallest is our circle of control, the things we can directly influence, the time we get out of bed in the morning, how we spend our money. All of it within our gift. The largest is our circle of concern, world poverty, global warming, the economy. All the things we […]