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Monday Morning

It is nine-o-clock on Monday morning, you have just sat down at your desk. What goes through your mind? Do you sit and think of all the ways you could out-do yourself? Do you work through and plan out ideas to improve performance? Do you worry about how you are going to be cheaper, faster […]

Stating the Bleeding Obvious

The diagram below shows a cross training chart. It is a nice simple representation of who has been trained to do what.  If the circle is empty the person has been trained, if it is full then they have also shown they are competent or passed a test.  The idea is you print out a […]

The World’s Most Futile Job

Do you check quality? Do you have a department of quality controllers checking your every move? Do they produce reports, data and analysis till it comes out of their ears? Do you have über checkers, checking the checkers, making sure the check is held true? Do you? Here is a request: Have a look at […]

Visual Analysis – It Would be a Crime not to Try

Here is an interesting link for you (unless you are American in which case try here).  It is a crime map of the UK, it shows you where crime occurs, have a good look, where is it safer to live?  Nottingham or Padstow?  The answer is fairly obvious, in-fact a one eyed drug dealer in […]

El Torro

The Holiday I was on holiday in Spain, watching the sun rise into a cloudless sky. I had bought my lap top and my 3 pay as you go mobile dongle with me.  I even had the sense to put £20 credit on it before I left home. I got up early to do some […]

Gob-Smackingly Good Analysis

I am English. If there is one thing I hate, really hate, it is the way that Americans, and more specifically Americans employed by Microsoft, mess with the English language.  Whenever I type something it is a constant battle replacing z’s with s’s (as in realised) or pushing u’s back into colour and favour. Every […]

Better Never Rests

If you spent all your time looking back at what you had achieved, it would be easy to become complacent, to sit back, to rest on your laurels. If you spent all your time looking ahead at what you have to achieve, it would be easy to become disheartened, to lose confidence, to give up. Performance […]

I’d Rather Gnaw my own Leg Off

I have just sat through the most boring, least effective meeting of my life.  If I could have gnawed my own leg off to escape it I would have gladly done so. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option, it was interminable: It wasn’t clear what we were there for: was it to update us? Was it so we made […]

Process Noise and Coffee Sticks

I would like you to do something for me, next time you are in Starbucks go and steal twenty of those sticks that they have for stirring coffee.  Go on I dare you, be a little dangerous. Next I want you to snap them all in half using your two bare hands. Finally I want […]

Error Proofing

Error proofing is making things “easy to get right and difficult to get wrong”.  It is a small but very powerful idea. Improving customer service is easy, all you have to do is: Find out what your customer is unhappy about Work out what the cause of that unhappiness is Fix that cause In labour […]