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Why did Amazon Create the Kindle?

I have wondered why Amazon push the Kindle, after all they are a book seller, not a technology manufacturer.  Then the penny dropped. Amazon want to be “the most consumer centric organisation in the world“. Historically if I wanted a book, I had to go to a book store and order it, and (if it […]

The Dongle

I am working away for a couple of days. It is easy to do now that the dongle has been invented, that marvellous piece of equipment that links me to the internet and the world.  I can communicate with anybody. “Dongles” are so good I have four of them, one for my personal lap top, […]

Stand Up Meetings

Instead of sitting, how about trying  stand up meetings?  They have a lot going for them: The heart keeps pumping Nobody falls asleep There is an incentive to get to the point and stay on it Unfortunately there is a down side; because you will finish early, some people will  go and have a sit […]


I received an e-mail that said this: “I consider this as more of a requirements workshop than anything i.e. us understanding the service, current commitments to clients, the demand, the customer base, the performance measures and indicators, the resource expenditure etc and coming to an initial view on how this could be accommodated. I don’t […]

Too Clever by Half

Most lifts have the buttons inside, the ones that tell the lift which floor you want to go to. Yesterday I used a bank of lifts that had the buttons on the outside.  You choose your floor before the lift arrives, this gives the computer extra time to figure out the most efficient way to […]

Consumption and Creation

Are you happiest.. Cooking a meal or eating a meal? Playing football or watching football? Writing a blog post or reading a blog post? Painting a picture or looking at a picture? Do you prefer to create or consume? Which is more rewarding?

Is Success a Waste of Time?

Two quotes and a video to think about: “A failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough.” Christian Nevell Bovee “Doing a thing well is often a waste of time.” Robert Byrne I suppose the trick is being clear what you regard as success.

Five Steps to Untold Wealth, What is Stopping You?

All commerce runs on the same principle, the exchange of value: You give customers what they want Customers give you money For the bit “giving customers what they want” Service Untitled have published a simple 5 point plan: Identify who your customers are. Find out what they want. Design sales and service processes around these […]

Service, the Devil is in the Detail

The Pareto principle or 80:20 law tells us to focus on the big things, the key levers that make the most difference.  Don’t sweat the small stuff. But according to Seth Godin, being really slick then it is all about the small stuff, the way the food is presented on the plate or the way […]

Have you Defined your Mission?

I’ve been on a course about mission statements.  Which got me wondering… does it matter? Well here are a couple of corporate mission statements for you.  Where would you rather work? Dean Foods Corporation: “The Company’s primary objective is to maximize long-term stockholder value, while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions in which it […]