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Customer Care: How to make your customer feel like a criminal.

I was cycling through deepest Norfolk with my daughter.  It was raining, hard.  My daughter had started bitching.  A tea shop loomed into sight, it was dry and warm and served tea, my prayers had been answered. 25 minutes later, happy and content I went to pay the bill, only to be told that they […]

Smoking Public Relations

Toyota have recently been lambasted for faulty floor mats and sticking accelerator pedals, resulting in a multi billion pound recall. Ferrari on the other hand have had ten of their super cars burst into flames and a representative told Just Auto “It is important to differentiate between what is a vehicle fire and outside factors […]

Short Sharp Meetings

A German designer has come up with a pay and sit park bench.  When your time runs out it forces spikes out of the seat and… you stand up. I can think of more than one organisation where these would boost productivity.

Small Business is Beautiful Business

If you work for your own company the best way to get a pay rise is to keep your customers happy.  That is where the money comes from. If you work for somebody else’s (large) company the best way to get a pay rise is to keep your boss happy.  That is where the money […]

The Dilbert Paradox

Most managers will tell you that talent is the key to organisational success.  Organisations spend millions on executive search and management development, tracking down and creating the best and the brightest. So?  If engaging talent is the biggest management issue why is the Dilbert cartoon so popular? Once we have expended all this energy tracking […]

Hiding in the Numbers

Does your management information come from databases? Do you employ analysts to “mine” the data? It’s amazing, you can slice and dice the data any which way you like; changing reports on a daily basis, creating pages and pages of beautiful graphs, comment and analysis, showing what a great job you are doing. Or, instead […]

Help Desk

Please could somebody tell me how this resolved my issue?  Would my reply make any difference?  Is the help desk setting out to help me, or tidy up its internal targets?     From: Gary ***** Sent: 21 May 2010 09:35 To: James Lawther Subject: Fault Call [Scanned] Hi James We are currently changing our […]

Leadership Brand

The latest HR insight from the US.  Have you developed your leadership brand? Do you want to give the aura of being “tactically strategic” or “passionately dispassionate“. Have you tested it with your colleagues and gained feedback? Are you committed to making this part of your “personal growth plan”? Is this rubbish? I suppose it […]

A Week’s Worth of Quotes

Andy Rooney: “Making duplicate copies and computer printouts of things no one wanted even one of in the first place is giving America a new sense of purpose.” Doug Larson: “Accomplishing the impossible means only that the boss will add it to your regular duties.” Edward Abbey:  “One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, […]

The Swimming Teacher

I have a swimming teacher, she competed in the Olympics twice (she is a bit quicker than me). When she was 15 she used to drag her parents out of bed at 5 am so that they could take her to the pool. Because swimming is her passion she tries that bit harder Because she […]