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Tony Hayward

Has been sacked.  (With a year’s salary and a pension of £600,000 p.a. BP are welcome to sack me as well). Does sacking Tony help clear up the mess in the Gulf? I imagine he knows more about it than most people and I guess he is a capable person, you don’t get to run […]

It Will Never Catch On

The video below shows the electric sports car the Tesla It has a top speed of 125mph and does 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds Each charge will propel it up to 200 miles and costs £3.50 Unfortunately each car costs £92,000 but no doubt that will fall once they have made more than 10 […]

Blazing Saddles

I found an interesting news clip from the BBC that shows a fire fighters motorcycle. The motorcycle is fitted with a hose and a couple of foam tanks.  The premise is that instead of sending a £200,000 fire engine full of fire fighters to a wheelie bin blaze, the fire brigade can now dispatch one […]

Keep Your Eye on the Baton

3 world records for you: 1.  400m: Michael Johnson, 1999, 43.18 seconds (10.80 seconds/100m) 2.  100m: Usain Bolt, 2009, 9.58 seconds (9.58 seconds/ 100m) 3.  4 x 100m relay: Jamaica, 2008, 37.10 seconds (9.28 seconds/100m) If you want to be fast, focus on the runner, buy the best shoes; and most of all focus on […]


Have you ever walked in to a hotel room to find all the lights switched on, with the legend “Welcome to our hotel Mr Smith” writ large all over the gently humming TV. The intention is to give you a warm welcome, never mind all the wasted power. Yet the same hotel will ask you […]

Super Mario

Mario Andretti is the only racing driver to have won the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500 and the Formula One world championship. He is quoted as saying “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” I don’t drive racing cars but I know that if you don’t overtake, you will never win. Should […]

Perfect Timing

I have just received a Domino’s Pizza leaflet. Buy one Pizza get one free, every Tuesday. “Two for Tuesday”. Perfect, my daughters love (really love) pizza. Unfortunately it is Wednesday morning. Timing is everything.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I found a great internet service.  It is called Carbonite.  For £36 a year they back up all my data onto a server in the US somewhere, probably a nuclear bunker in deepest Ohio. My data is safe, it is cheap, they have to do very little work.  Everyone was a winner. Until I had […]