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Can I Spit Yet?

I bought an electric toothbrush. It is great, it brushes your teeth perfectly, but best of all, after 2 minutes it stops, so you know you have done just enough.  When my daughter uses it she doesn’t keep asking me if she can spit yet. This sounds like a small thing, but if everything was […]

Top 10 Process Mapping Sins

Not being clear on the scope: how will you know when to stop? Not gaining buy in: whose back yard are you digging in? Not explaining what you are doing: at best staff will be suspicious, at worst they will turn nasty. (Positioning your work as a cost saving initiative is not going to help […]

The Prescription

My one year old daughter has a bad case of eczema. I took her to the Doctor who wrote out a prescription for a steroid cream. He muttered that the PCT (Primary Care Trust) would not be happy with him. This cream only contains 0.5% active ingredient and is £12 a tube The one the […]

The Parking Ticket

I was running late. I nipped into the city centre in my wife’s company car. I found a parking space put money in the meter and ran. 20 minutes later I caught the yellow peril giving me a parking ticket. I was on a yellow line (just). I tried to sweet talk him, but I […]

Too Busy Optimising to Optimise?

Consultants are making fortunes selling the next wave of improvement techniques: operations analysis, process re-engineering, lean, 6 sigma, whatever the next one is. Despite all the training few organisations really succeed. Why should we bother with process improvement if it doesn’t work?  We are all clever driven people.  We are all busy improving our parts […]


Process improvement saves money, but it can also drive revenue. 10 companies who use their processes to create sales: Cross selling: 1. Amazon:  Customers who bought this also bought…. 2. Apple: Visit the iTunes store to download artwork Making the next sale: 3. Your Dentist: Would you like to book your next checkup? 4. Your […]

I Love to Bitch

Some people drive me nuts. They have their own agendas. They don’t see common sense. They are thinking short-term. They don’t see the bigger picture. They just want to look good in front of their boss. I on the other hand am perfect. I am told I should: – Try to understand their agenda – […]

One Every Three Seconds

Apple has sold a million iPads in the first 28 days.  That is one iPad every 3 seconds. That is a lot of iPads, where are they all coming from? According to the Independent they are being made by Foxconn in Shenzen China: – The factory employs 420,000 workers – They each work 60 hour […]

Star Chamber

George Osborne is to create a “Star Chamber” as part of his attempts to cut government spending.  It will be a committee of senior civil servants and politicians.  Ministers are invited to present their budgets to them for discussion. If a minister gains the Star Chamber’s approval he can join the committee to “discuss” other […]


Sometimes clear and simple is best. Watch the video, you will see what I mean.