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Pit Stop

The video shows a Formula One pit stop.  It fascinated me for a number of reasons. 1.  It is very clear what needs to be achieved. 2.  Everybody is sure what their role is and well trained. 3.  The people who are there are the people who need to be there.  Nobody else is milling […]

Task and Spend

I read that the average organisation spends 60% of its money on staff.  Clearly this varies hugely depending on the industry, but as a statement it is an interesting one. It leads to the conclusion that the way to save money is to cut staff. The problem is, you can’t cut staff without stopping what […]

Max your Meal

Many if not most business processes have two parts to them. First make a decision: – Should I hire this person? – Is this an acceptable payment? – Can I give this employee access to the system? Second carry out the actions: – Send an offer letter. – Reject the payment. – Provide a password. […]

The Benchmark

A friend of mine makes chicken curry for a living, he makes a lot of it, in fact he makes 2 tonnes of it an hour, he could keep most of Birmingham fed. The problem is that when you make that much curry, invariably you drop some.  Last year he threw away well over £1 […]

Need Another Drink

E&J Gallo, the Californian winery has been caught in a scam, a 7 million euro scam. A group of wine producers from the Languedoc region have passed off 18 million bottles of plonk as Pinot Noir.  This has been bottled and sold  under Gallo’s “Red Bicyclette Pinot Noir Single Grape Wine” brand. The fraud came […]

Illegal Immigration

Virgin Media have sent a promotional pack offering cable TV to Aaron Needham in Nottingham. The letter from the Executive Director of Customer Care Mark Davidson (no less) was Addressed to: Illegal Immigrant, Cranwell Road, Strelley, Nottingham And started “Dear Mr Immigrant”, Apparently the marketing data that Virgin bought was corrupted, though Virgin (who have […]

One Half of One Percent

If I said the sum total of all your efforts today would make you 1/2 a percent better than you were first thing this morning, would you have bothered getting out of bed?  Or would you have just rolled over and gone back to sleep? We like to be bold, think strategically and lay big […]

The Rear End of a Horse

There is an urban myth that the design of the rockets that propel the shuttle into space is constrained by the size of a horses bum. The logic goes something like this: 1.  The rocket diameter was constrained by the width of the railway tunnels that the train that delivered the rocket passed through. 2.  […]

Live With It

I have a friend who regularly catches a taxi from London to Heathrow and back, twice a week, without fail. He booked a cab with his normal firm, but on-line for the first time, the other night.  The web site didn’t work.  After processing his booking instead of getting a confirmation he got a broken […]

Strategic Domain of the Black Belt

I was approached the other day by a recruiter for a job.  He wanted a “Lean Sigma Master Black Belt” to “lead a Strategic Transformation” in the “Service Domain”. Very interesting I thought, I had a couple of questions: What is a “Lean Sigma Master Black Belt”? What is a “Strategic Transformation”? What is a […]