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Spies Like Us

I have reached that age when for Christmas I am given socks, chocolates and paperbacks. I am half way through this year’s crop of paperbacks and found this quote in a John le Carre novel. “A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world” I learnt the same lesson working in a […]

If a Job’s Worth Doing

It is worth doing well.  God alone knows what the neighbours think. Happy Christmas

Christmas Wishes?

I was sent this, by my friend Scott.  It is funny, in a very sad sort of way.  It demonstrates quite nicely how we can absolutely miss the point of what we are doing and get completely side tracked. I wanted to send some sort of Festive greeting to my friends  and family, but it […]

Brain Scan

Glasgow’s Western infirmary owns a £500,000 CT scanner (computerised tomography if you must know, though I am not much wiser).  Apparently it is used to scan patients’ brains if they are thought to have had a stroke. Unfortunately it has been idle for the past six months as the radiographer who operated it left the […]

Don’t Trust Your Customers

A supermarket in Poole refused to sell a woman a bottle of wine because her son was with her. Checkout staff at the Co-op, told the furious mother that she might be buying it for her 12 year old son.  Better still, when challenged a spokeswoman for Co-op said: “The Co-op group stands by this […]

Fooling Yourself

Very often the solution to all administrative ills is to have somebody carry out “Quality Control” on everything that is sent out.  That way you can be absolutely sure that it is all correct, with no chance of error.  Some departments have an army of Quality Controllers who don’t release anything unless it has been […]

Running out of Doctors

The British Medical Association claims to have uncovered department of health data that shows that there was a shortfall of 3,000 junior doctors at the end of 2008.  Two factors are being blamed for this, changes to immigration legislation that prevents people from outside the EU coming to train as doctors and also the European […]

Is Bigger Better?

West Yorkshire council may start sharing services in a bid to cut costs.  Councillor Andrew Carter who is the Conservative deputy leader of Leeds City council has suggested that the councils of Leeds, Calderdale, Bradford, Kirklees and Wakefield could share services such as HR and payroll. There may be efficiencies to be had, but I […]

22 Ways to Measure Your Teeth

In an effort to improve access to NHS dentistry the government is imposing a new contract on NHS dentists.  The new contract comes with a matrix of key performance indicators that the dentists need to fill in before they can get paid.  According to one dentist: “Far from simplifying things, the new contract keeps all […]

Fancy a Pizza?

Here is a super video about a man who runs a pizza store. He is a little obsessive, in fact you might go as far as to say he is a nut (particularly when it comes to his oven). However, I want to try his pizza. Wouldn’t it be great if all our employees were […]