Half Full or Half Empty

Which are you? I was talking to a rugby player yesterday. I don’t like sporting analogies much; just because you can run 100 meters faster than anybody else doesn’t make you a great manager.  But he told me a fascinating story about coaching… An odd approach His best coach had a strange post match strategy. When […]

Saint or Sinner

Two employees: Employee 1: Jane When faced with an issue Jane will improvise and adapt her approach. She doesn’t bother her manager or others. If Jane notices that somebody else has made a mistake she fixes it. There is no noise or palaver, she keeps things moving. Jane never makes any mistakes herself, or at least never […]

Poor Performance

We are responsible for our own behaviour This belief underpins our approach to management. We are all capable of deciding how we should behave.  So if an individuals performance isn’t up to scratch then that is a problem of our their own making. To improve performance manage the people. Is it that simple? Professor Philip […]

Are You Difficult to Work For?

Customer effort There’s a lot of talk about how much effort a customer is required to put forth to complete some task with an organization. Whether it’s to buy a product, to get an issue resolved, or to do something else. There’s even a way to measure this effort, using the customer effort score. If […]

Paying People to Lie

The best way to fill your organisation with liars… Is to set up an incentive scheme.  I guarantee at least two deceptions: The first deceit The lying starts with the debate about the target: What service level can you meet? What can you shave off your budget? How much extra can you sell? 10%? 20%? 30%? If someone has a bonus […]

Rule 19: Look after the Workforce

You don’t understand the work You might think you have a tight grip of how your operation is working… but you just don’t.  How can you?  You spend your days in meetings.  Picking up actions to write PowerPoints you can present at more meetings.  You are rarely in the workplace. The workforce understand the work […]

Rule 18: Discuss the Work

There are two types of conversations about work: The first is a Friday evening conversation.  It is best held at about 5pm in the pub just around the corner from the office in hushed tones. The first conversation discusses who: Who screwed up Who is on the way up Who is on the way out And […]

Rule 8: Train your Staff

Your staff’s performance varies Some know how to stack shelves faster than others Some know how to negotiate a sale better than others Some know how to resolve a query more effectively than others Some know how to welcome customers more warmly than others Some variation is helpful — there would be no test and […]

The Problem With Education

What was your time at school like? The Organisational Development Consultant Peter Block gives a rather disarming view of his own experience: When I went to school we competed. When I got my “B” I needed somebody to get a “D” or an “F” or I was in trouble. If I had any integrity — which I don’t […]

How to Listen

I was once a bright young thing Don’t laugh, we are talking 20 make that 25 years ago I was a management trainee for a FTSE 100 company I had a First Class Degree And I was MBA educated The world was my oyster I thought I could conquer everything, I was going to be the next […]