Pseudoscientific Management


Pseudoscience answers everything
Pseudoscience hates being challenged
Pseudoscience rejects new ideas
Pseudoscience cannot fail
Pseudoscience is static


Science questions everything
Science thrives on being challenged
Science opens up to new ideas
Science is designed to fail
Science changes

Pseudoscience or Science?

Opinions or observations?
Dogma or debate?
Convinced or sceptical?
Performance Management or Test and Learn?
Static or changing?

What does your organisation believe in?

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Image by Colette Saint Yves


  1. Hi James, love your post but it made me wonder if it pseudoscience vs science was everything and I wondered where creativity or art fits into the picture?

  2. An interesting thought Adrian…

    Maybe they are two separate dimensions?

    Art — Science
    Pseudoscience — Science

    Can you have pseudo scientific art?

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